Did You Know?

Did You Know?

In the preface to the Wrolstad Family History published in the autumn of 1978, Professor Gerhard Naeseth, the author and principal researcher for the book, wrote:

“Our basic idea has been to make this family history flexible enough in organization and design to serve the needs of our family for years to come. We have produced the book in loose-leaf form because we hope that you will make it a living book.”

Professor Naeseth continued:

” You can easily add material to your own section… You will also want to update the material on various members of your family — and add entries for new members”.

The three cousins who compiled the family history had never envisioned the potential impact the advent of the electronic age would have on the maintenance of a “living family history”. With access to this web-site, soon every member can with relative ease submit material to flesh out earlier entries, fill in the decades of void and, very importantly, add entries for new members. Those three cousins, all of whom are deceased, were Merald E. Wrolstad (A2G1-B), Jeffrey H. Wrolstad (A2D5-C) and Professor Naeseth.

A “Cadillac” of family histories…

The Vol. 3, No. 2, 2005 VESTERHEIM, A Publication of Vesterheim Norwegian American Museum, issue is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Merald E. Wrolstad, (A2G1-B). Acknowledging his major contribution to the Wrolstad Family History, it is described as “a Cadillac of family histories”.