Reunion Information

Reunion Information

Dear Vralstad Family,
We have decided on a date for the 2011 Vralstad Family Reunion. It will be held on August 13 and 14 at the Iola Ski Hill and at the South New Hope Church. These are the same locations as the last one. We will send out the details of time and cost at a later date.

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August 13th- at the Iola Winter Sports Club

August 14th – Family worship service at the South New Hope Church.

We also have a few items that we would like to emphasize this year:

  • We very much want to start doing as much correspondence by email as possible. We do have some email addresses but we need to update them and add new ones. Please send us your names and email addresses of your family members to : Please put Vralstad in the subject line.
  • We are starting a Vralstad Family Reunion Page on Facebook. Search for Vralstad Family Reunion and click on “like”. Also on the left side of the page you can suggest this page to others in the family.
  • The current reunion committee is working this year to transition reunion tasks and responsibilities to a broader range of family members, which will also ensure a continued succession if indeed the family would like to continue to have a reunion in the future. To this end goal, the following is a summary of 9 general areas of responsibility and some of the tasks that will be required. We are looking for 9 family members to step forward and accept responsibility as committee chairs for the following committees.
  1. Food and Beverage
  • Request bids and choose a catering service for Saturday lunch and dinner.
  • Decide on and provide beverages for Saturday.
  • Decide on and provide cups, plates, silverware, etc.
  1. Registration
  • Coordinate registration, name tags, etc. upon arrival.
  1. Activities
  • Arrange for Saturday activities.
    Some activities in the past: Choir/Saturday evening program, kids games, outdoor games and activities, hikes, raffle and drawing prizes, etc.
    Provide a schedule and communication of activities (newsletter, white board, website, etc.).
  1. Building and Grounds Setup
  • Setup of tables, chairs, decorations, etc. as desired.
  1. Building and Grounds Cleanup
  • Responsible for cleanup of building and grounds
  1. Email List/Database, Communication Website Information
  • Keep master mailing list, database, email list and addresses.
  • Communicate with other committee chairs, website updates, etc.
  1. Mailings
  • Produce and mail or email reunion announcements
  1. Historian
  • Help keep Vralstad website up to date.
  1. Sunday Service at South New Hope Church
  • Secure key and coordinate use of South New Hope Church
  • Find a person/persons to conduct the service and homily.
  • Music, bulletins, etc. as desired.

Reunion Place
Iola Winter Sports Club Nordic Center

DIRECTIONS: Take Hwy 49 five miles north of Iola, Wisconsin to Cty MM, then 2 miles west to Norseman Hill.

The Iola Winter Sports Club is a non-profit organization that exists to promote the winter sports of cross country skiing and ski jumping. Our focus is on family recreation. We are very proud to be able to introduce children to the sport of skiing, both cross country and ski jumping. Each year about 90 children participate in our Youth Ski League which is completely supported by the club through membership fees and grants and donations by area organizations. The IWSC is made up of volunteers who put in many hundreds of hours to provide a good family experience of skiing and hiking.